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November 22, 2011

The Rule of Law or Ignorance? A TEDitorial

I love listening to Teddy Boy Locsin's TEDitorial portion in the World Tonight on ANC. While I may not agree with all of his opinions, I feel that he makes a good point for every one, even those who are not legal luminaries, to consider, especially at the current situation that we are facing now. His latest editorial, "The Rule of Law or The Rule of Ignorance" made a very interesting point on the Arroyo case. Teddy says, "Erap Estrada should not forget who let him go. First to Hong Kong and then for good." Perhaps this is an answer to Erap's remarks that what is happening to Arroyo is brought about by karma. In his same editorial, Teddy Boy also emphasized that it "was not GMA who toppled Estrada but Cory, Joker, Manny Villar, Erap's allies in Congress, civil societies, FVR, The Church and the Generals..." He also added that it was not GMA but the press "devoid of decorum" who published Erap's humiliating mug shots.

Perhaps what Teddy Boy was commenting is our society's double standards when it comes to "seeking for justice". It is our very right to demand for justice especially if the crimes committed were against our national or collective values of honesty and integrity. But it is not our right to deny others their right no matter how "transparently guilty" they are. I fear that the case filed against Gloria Arroyo, because it was rushed, may even be dismissed due to technicalities (e.g. can the Regional Trial Court hold jurisdiction over an electoral sabotage case filed against an incumbent government official?).

But I leave the legal talk to the lawyers. After all, like what Teddy Boy Locsin said in his editorial, "Those who do not study law should not speak of it."

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