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November 15, 2011

Nasaan Ka, Gloria? Reactions To PGMA Leaving

During the evening of Nov. 15, NAIA Terminal 1, one of the world's worst and most hated airports, went into a frenzy when former President Gloria Arroyo arrived with her husband and son in an attempt to leave the country for Singapore. This was after the Arroyo camp received a Supreme Court order restraining the watch list order imposed by the Department of Justice on the Arroyos. According to the watch list order, the Arroyos cannot leave the country without permission from the Department of Justice. The Arroyos immediately went to the NAIA to catch a supposedly 8:50pm flight to Singapore for their November 17 appointment with a specialist. However, upon checking in with their airline, the immigration officers at the airport did not allow the Arroyos to board their plane, supposedly as directed by the DOJ and the Palace. The entire event was televised nationwide. According to the Supreme Court however said that there is nothing that can prevent the Arroyos from leaving the country. Senators, even those opposed to Gloria Arroyo, were in favor of the Supreme Court. The blogosphere and twitter-world are now buzzing about this latest incident:

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