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October 13, 2011

Sex Is Good For The Health: Study

Among many human activities, sex is perhaps one of the most exhilarating and also "controversial" activity. There have been many studies both in the past and current investigating why humans have sex. In the lower animals, the only objective of sex is to procreate and while moral theology would also propose such theory among humans as well, still there are those who would various reasons and motives why they engage in sex, whatever kind it may be.

While there could be many debatable reasons why we engage in sex, in the field of medicine, sex is actually seen as something good for the health. No wonder it was basically the first Divine commandment for men and women according to the Jewish Torah ("Go forth and multiply"). There is seemingly a biological basis for such a claim. According to this website featured in MSN, there are various reasons why sex is good for the health.

Reason 1: It Can Make You Look Sexy - I'm not referring to the nakedness and stripping and maybe dirty dancing involved in sex. The sex act can actually make you lose weight. Sex burns calories. According to the website, " It may not burn as many calories as an hour on the treadmill or 50 lengths in the pool, but - when done vigorously enough - sex still gives you a worthwhile cardio workout".

Reason 2: It Drives Pain Away - the orgasmic experience that follows a sexual act is actually a natural painkiller. For the female, most especially, as she approaches orgasm, the body's oxytocin surges into high levels. In the past, oxytocin has been found out to relieve headaches and other minor body aches. So, having a nasty migraine is no longer an excuse not to have sex.

Reason 3: Perfect Stress Reliever - let's face it, people feel calm and rested after having sex. There is an interesting study done in Scotland which found out that participants who were more sexually active were far better at dealing with controlled, stressful situations than those who abstained. So, Manny Pacquiao now has no excuse to have sex before a major fight if he wants to relax before the fight, you know.

Reason 4: Best Sleeping Pill Ever - " We know that it makes men fall asleep (almost instantly), but research also suggests that the oxytocin we mentioned earlier that is released during intercourse acts as a sedative for all of us. Also - and this isn't rocket science - rigorous sex simply wears us out." (MSN) For some, they are even probably half-asleep while doing the sex act.

Reason 5: Immune System Booster - this is actually the first time I heard that sex can boost immune system. According to studies, having sex at least once or twice a week increases production of an antibody called immunoglobulin A, or IgA, which protects the body from infections like the common cold and flu. It is perhaps no surprise to us humans that it is in the cold months of the year that sexual activity is high. Perhaps it is the body's instinctive way to fight the flu which is also common during this time of the year. Not sure though whether sex can help prevent Dengue so let's stick to the tawa-tawa.

Reason 6: It Is Heart-Friendly - A study carried out at Queen's University in Belfast found that sex 3x a week is enough to reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke by 50%. In women, sex increases production of estrogen, which is known to protect the heart. Also, another study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health claims that sex two or more times a week reduces the risk of fatal heart attack among men, again by 50%, when compared with those men who do it less than once a month. So, let's basically DOH it!

Reason 7: It Builds Self-Esteem - from the same website, "there is no greater incentive to stay in shape than spending a lot of time naked in the presence of someone who makes you go all weak at the knees, and this constant awareness of your body image has obvious benefits. You're more likely to exercise, eat well and adopt a strict beauty regime, such as looking after your hair (on various parts of your body), skin and nails. And if you look better, you feel better, thus giving your confidence a considerable boost."

Reason 8: It Is The Fountain Of Youth - research shows it can actually hold back the ageing process. When you reach orgasm, the body secretes DHEA, a hormone which is known to improve the health of the immune system, boost cognitive function, aid tissue repair and keep skin looking and feeling healthy. And of course, sex is already a form of exercise which also contributes to making us feel and look young.

Reason 9: For The Women, it strengthens the Pelvic Floor - and I'm not referring to the floor of your house (especially when you do it on the floor). Having sex is like doing a Kegel exercise. It actually strengthens your pelvic muscles in preparation for the stresses of pregnancy or to treat stress urinary incontinence.

Reason 10: A Good Anti-Depressant - A 2002 study of almost 300 women by an American psychologist found that sexually active participants who were not using condoms as their contraceptive were less likely to suffer from depression than those who did. Perhaps the reason for this is the prostaglandin found in the sperm which gets absorbed by the female and helps actually fight mental illness by regulating the female's hormones. So those who don't use condoms are less likely to be happier than those who do use it when they are into sex. Again, there is no better way than the natural way!

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Gemma| My Dailies said...

medyo conservative.. sex basta within the bounds of marriage, OK, BEST un! especially with all the BENEFITS, why not? diba? PERO... pag sex via binayaran na babae, rape, adultery, at iba pang negative.. mmm, think twice, parang kahit ano pa dami benefits ng sex, hindi pa din justified. my 2 cents :)

great info.. matutuwa ang mga mister pag nabasa ito (reinforcement) hahaha

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