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October 13, 2011

Masskara Queen 2011: Who Is Your Favorite?

The following are the 10 candidates vying for the title of Masskara Queen 2011. The Masskara Queen is supposed to be the "Face behind the Mask" or to put it in another way, the face that should never wear a mask. These are supposed to be the prettiest in Bacolod City and they shall be representing the City as its unofficial or honorary Ambassadress of Goodwill. I am posting their photos here and letting you, my readers, choose your favorite. The voting here does not and will not in any way affect the official judging (which will be held on October 17, at the USLS Coliseum). This is just my way of knowing the favorite among the frequent readers and by-passers of The Freudian Slip blog:

Candidate No. 1: Nikki

Candidate No. 2: Allysa

Candidate No. 3: Kathleen

Candidate No. 4: Abegail

Candidate No. 5: Giah

Candidate No. 6:Jelliane

Candidate No. 7: Anastacia

Candidate No. 8: Alona

Candidate No. 9: Rose Valerie

Candidate No. 10: Rexie

Visit the lifestylesbacolod webpage to read more about the latest updates regarding your Masskara Queens

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