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October 17, 2011

Masskara Festival 2011

After many years, I decided yesterday to brave the streets of Bacolod once again and witness the Masskara Street Dancing and see whether this "new format" for Masskara was better than the past Masskara festivals. I am not sure if it was really way better than the past (there was more of street walking than street dancing especially on the later part of the parade) but I am not sure whether abandoning the Samba Rhythm of the Masskara Festival is really the path to take. After all, Masskara is a Mardi Gras style of festival and that made the Masskara different from other Philippine Festivals. It doesn't really matter if the Samba rhythm is not endemically Filipino. Finland, a European/Scandinavian country, would celebrate Helsinki Day with a Samba Beat. I think it is more inviting to both tourists and bystanders alike when Samba beat is played. Anyway, here are some of the scenes in the street of Bacolod near the Plaza during the Barangay Category of the Masskara Street and Arena Dance Competition.

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