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October 21, 2011

"Hollywood" Signs a la Pinoy

News about Gov. Vilma Santos putting up a huge "BATANGAS" sign at Mt. Taal reminiscent of the familiar Hollywood sign in the US triggered a lot of comments and feedback in the blogosphere. Pinoy as we are, a lot of artistic alternatives to this proposal also propped up in the net. The picture shown here is the supposed view of Mt. Taal once the "Batangas" sign would be erected.

After this picture came out, more funny pictures started circulating in the web. Here are just some funny examples:

I'm not sure if they can make this sign in Mt. Mayon very sustainable though, due to its frequent volcanic activity.

I think it's time the Chinese must know how to read the signs.

And since we are labeling our islands, let's make sure we still have 7,107 of them still accounted for.

Or why not use it for commercial or advertising purposes?

Remember these guys from DPWH?

Just calling a spade a spade.

I think this is Governor Vilma's favorite.

Let's not count out the competition though.

Or we can try to confuse tourists instead.

My personal favorite.

More funny pictures at

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Joy said...

Our country is already world-known of its tourists spots, just hoping the gov't will put more emphasis in its maintenance and improvement said...

This is a good idea actually and it's becoming funnier now! I like the pictures! Thanks for sharing this! :)

Angela Ricardo said...

Funny pictures! All the best to you and your blog. Happy 2012.

koreandoll | miss angel

Jong and Noks said...

It was funny. Hahaha. Gaya gaya puto maya kasi tayo. Pero nakakatawa kasi parang sa ibang pics, naging bobo tayo. Lol. Ulo, Elesi, pakpak, etc. lol

Jhackie said...

What if they really made this happen and The whole Philippines were surrounded by big signage's .. haha just laugh at it. We have so much to be proud of . No need to do such things. Lets not waste time putting that. Why not save the money for more important thing.

alwin said...

I don't know why but I don't see those pics funny. Thanks for sharing though. I only learned such pics existed thru your blog :-)

Mei said...

haha nakakaloka. gaya gaya kasi sa hollywood eh haha sana ibang mas importanteng bagay nalang paggastusan

Julie. -- said...

hahaha.. i love the last pic. nguso talaga yung pinaka dulo.. haha

Gil Camporazo said...

Pinoy-hollywood style of labeling an object like a volcano, an island, and the rest of the scenic view in the PH. House of the Senate/Representative is not spared. Well done! They have a funny effect.

tatess said...

good idea kung hindi gagayahain ng lahat .it will look funny if that happens to almost all of the places in the Phils.

Jonathan said...

Sana naman meron at least one or two of these sa Philippines. haha. Sa mga top spots lang. Pero we shouldn't follow hollywood signs lang, but make our own para unique.

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