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October 15, 2011

Filipinos React: The Fan That Is Filipino

Filipinos are rabid fanatics. May it be Pacquiao's fight or the Azkals or even Ms. Universe pageants, the Filipino crowd is always the loudest, most loyal and fiercest fan there is. Perhaps it is because we are a country always hungry for a hero. Whenever we see a fellow Filipino who is there in the world stage representing us as a country, we always instinctively go behind him or her and show our greatest support. The event doesn't even have to be international or covered by international media. Whenever there is a Filipino competing or performing, the rest of the Filipino fans become very supportive, through the loud cheers. We also are not lacking of commentaries that follow the event. Somehow, we always tend to analyze what went wrong and what went great. I do hope this fanaticism becomes translated in nation building, going beyond the arena of sports and pageants. Still, as a tribute to the Filipino fan, here are some youtube videos of Filipino Fans here and around the world.

Once again, Mabuhay ang Filipino Fan

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