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October 6, 2011

Civitas Gallery

Powerful images taken by my Senior BS Bio students from USLS.


Untitled Piece

Love Is The Key by Anicka Villegas

Untitled Piece
Two Hands, One Heart

Untitled Piece


Due credit is given to the actual owners of these photographs. These and more photos will be displayed inside the USLS campus for a limited period of time. The CIVITAS gallery will be opened on Friday, October 7, 2:30pm at the College of Arts and Sciences lobby.

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5 violent reactions. React Here.:

Clint Andrew said...

Those are great images, especially the image of the two kids. I really find it extravagant.

Simurgh said...

Nice photography work here

few photos are saturated while others are de-saturated.
rules of photography still applies, and oh..
these are a beautiful collection of shots!!! your student deserves a pat in the back!

Wilbert Santos said...

arrrgg.. it reflects how poor are people here..

Albert Israel said...

Stunning! Can't believe only taken by students - not a photography students!

michi said...

i like the fourth picture. =)

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