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September 23, 2011

Results Of The Cinemanatomy 2011

This morning, the Premed Society of the USLS organized and sponsored the public screening of the 2011 Cinemanatomy Entries. Present during the screening were also the invited judges/critics: Dr. Melvin Chico, Dr. Celna Tejare, Dr. Neil Maderazo, Frederic Ting and Nea Quiachon. Mrs. Lav Sombito, Department Chairperson of the Natural Sciences Department was also present along with other students from the University. I am proud of all my students for having submitted such quality works. There were 12 entries, however, 5 entries were not submitted on time thus only 7 entries were competing for the major prize (Over-all Top 3 Films). All entries nonetheless are competing for the minor prizes: Best Action Video, Best Reality Video, Best Drama Video, Best Thriller/Fantasy Video, Top Video For Each Class and Viewer's Choice (Online Voting).

The following are the winners of the 2011 Cinemanatomy

Best Action Video: "Battle Real"

Best Drama Video: "Meet Your Endocrine"

Best Reality Video: "The Amazing Sperm Race"

Best Thriller/Fantasy Video: "Nasaan Si Nonoy?"

Viewer's Choice (Online Poll): "The Amazing Sperm Race"

Each winner receives 10 additional points in their Quiz marks (Endterms) as their special prize

Top Video For Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy Class: "Bloodlust"

Top Video For Human Anatomy Class: ""The Amazing Sperm Race"

Top Video For General Zoology Class: "Magkaibigan"

Each winner will receive 10 bonus points in their Comprehensive Endterm Exams

The Top Three Winners for this year are:

THIRD PLACE: "Magkaibigan"

SECOND PLACE: "Bloodlust"

FIRST PLACE: "Battle Real"

Unfortunately, this year's winner failed to get an average score of at least 95. To get the full exemption from the Comprehensive Endterm Exam, the winning group must have, as announced in class, a score of 95 or more. Thus, the winner shall only have a partial exemption from the Comprehensive Endterm Exam. The "partial exemption" will be further explained in class.

Congratulations and see you in next year's Cinemanatomy 2012!

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