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September 14, 2011

The Cinemanatomy 2011 Official Entries

ENTRY No. 1: "Bloodlust"

Cinemanatomy 2011: "Bloodlust" from Vimeo.

ENTRY No. 2: "No Exit"

Entry No. 3: "I Shouldn't Be Alive: Escape From The Amazon"

Entry No. 4: "Battle Real"

Entry No. 5: "Magka-ibigan" (Lovers)

Entry No. 6: "Rescue Me: I've Been Kidnapped"

Entry No. 7: "Once Upon An Ache"

Entry No. 8: "The Amazing Sperm Race"

Entry No. 9: "MeetYour Endocrine"

Entry No. 10: "Nasaan Si Nonoy?"
CinemANATOMY 2011: Nasaan si Nonoy?

Entry No. 11: "The Eye"

Eyes from Vimeo.

Entry No. 12: "Lungs"

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