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August 13, 2011

Cinemanatomy 2011: Rules and Criteria

1. The cinemanatomy output must not be more than 10 minutes and not less than 7 minutes.
2. The cinemanatomy output must be submitted in .mpg or .avi format only.
3. Language to be used must be limited to English and Filipino only. The use of Hiligaynon will be tolerated but must be very minimal. Judges will decide whether use of the vernacular has exceeded the allowable limit. The use of other foreign language will also be tolerated, provided subtitles must be present and subtitles must be in English.
4. Use of obscene and offensive language will not be tolerated and will be grounds for disqualification. Use of excessive violence and obscene scenes will also not be tolerated and will be grounds for disqualification as well.
5. Use of snippets from other movies or shows can be permitted provided the group must indicate in their credits the use of such clips from other movies or shows. The group is responsible for any consequences brought about by the use of such clips without permission.

6. Group members can utilize both amateur and professional actors to appear in their films, provided they shall be responsible for any compensation for their appearances.
7. It is discouraged to have a very expensive production of the film. What matter most are the creativity and resourcefulness of each group.
8. Deadline for submission of outputs will be on September 12, 2011. Send the CD with your output not later than 3:00pm.

Accuracy of Information --------- 30%
Entertainment Value of the Presentation ---------- 30%
Over-all Appeal of Presentation ----------- 30%
Audience Votes ----------------- 10%

For audience votes, the entries will be ranked according to the number of votes. There will be online voting and on-site voting during the screening of the entries.
Rank 1 ---- 10 points
Rank 2 ---- 9 points
Rank 3 ---- 8 points
Rank 4 ---- 7 points
Rank 5 ---- 6 points
Rank 6 ---- 5 points
The rest ---- 4 points

Special Prizes will be given to the following:
Best Reality ---- plus 15 points endterm Quizzes
Best Drama ---- plus 15 points endterm Quizzes
Best Sci-Fi --- plus 15 points endterm Quizzes
Best Thriller/Action --- plus 15 points endterm Quizzes

Top Outputs for Each Class ---- prize to be announced
Top Three Over-all --- prize to be announced
First Place ---- huge huge prize!

Good luck!

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