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April 22, 2011

CrewReview: Roatan, Honduras

I always make it a point that whenever I visit a new place or country I always buy souvenir items to bring home. I either give them to friends or set them as decorations for the house.

One of the places I have visited is Roatan, Honduras. Roatan is the largest of the Bay Islands, which are a part of Honduras, lying just over 30 miles from the northern coast of the Honduran mainland. Most common thing to do while in Roatan is Scuba Dive.

Should you wish to shop in the port of Roatan for example, here are some of the price range for common souvenir items:

1. keychains - 2 - 4 US dollars each
2. shirts, white - range from 5 to 10 US$ each. Good quality shirts can be from 15US$ to 25US$.
3. shirts, colored - range from 7$ to 30$.
4. set of shirt and caps - range from 20$ to 25$
5. caps - 5 - 10$
6. football jerseys - 10$ to 15$
7. bags, native - 10$ - 15$
8. ladies bags - 15$ - 20$
9. shot glass - 2$ to 4$
10. postcards - 2 for 1$

The port of Roatan would also sell branded watches (range from 65$ to 300+$), perfumes (50+$ to 90$) and of course diamonds bracelets and necklaces. If you want to buy cheaper souvenir items, there are plenty of shops right outside the port, most of which are a good walking distance from the port entrance. It is best to go out of the port with a buddy or in a group so you can haggle for better prices, not to mention it is safer to do so. Of course, when it comes to shopping in cheap shops, "Shop at your own risk"

I haven't tried eating in local bars and restaurants in Roatan but at the port, Roatan's Mamasitas serves one of the best tacos I have ever eaten.

Taxis are everywhere and almost every excursion site you want to visit can be accessible.

All shops take US$ and change you in US$. Honduran currency is Lempira.

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