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November 8, 2010

Can You Sponsor A Pair Of Slippers?

One of the activities being conducted by the SEAYLP Team Aguila is the weekly outreach program with the street children of Bacolod City, Negros Occidental. Every Sunday, the Aguillers would go to the Public Plaza, gather the street children, and teach them how to write and read. (If you are not yet aware about the SEAYLP Team Aguila, click here). Among the things noticed by the Aguillers was that many of the kids were not wearing any slippers at all. They would come to their Sunday "class", would play and walk around the plaza barefoot. So, the Aguillers decided to find sponsors for the children's slippers.

Last weekend, the Aguillers went to the Plaza, gathered the kids and had their feet measured. The following are the sizes of the street children:

15cm - 2 kids
17cm -2 kids
18 cm - 2 kids
18.5cm -2 kids
19cm - 2 kids
19.5 cm -1 kid
21cm - 4 kids
22cm- 4 kids
23 cm -1 kid
24cm- 2 kids.

total number of kids:21

If you think you can sponsor one pair of slippers for one kid, please don't hesitate to contact SEAYLP Team Aguila. You can email at or visit their Facebook Page and leave your contact details.

We need your help. A pair of slippers can make a difference for one child.

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