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October 25, 2010

There Is No "I" in TEAM: SEAYLP Team Aguila In Action

Last weekend, SEAYLP Team Aguila culminated its interaction with the students of Bacolod City National High School, particularly the members of the Honesty Club, with a team building session. Every week, members of Team Aguila (also known as Aguillers) would visit the Honesty Club and share with them their thoughts on leadership and the values that go along with it. This particular activity was in coordination with the BCBP or Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen & Professionals (BCBP).

In one of their sessions, one Principal from a different school happened to be within the campus and expressed her desire to have the same kind of activity in her school. There is already an informal standing invitation to hold the same team building and leadership sessions in her school.

The team-building activity was only a half-day activity but the kids from Bacolod City National High School learned a lot on leadership and what it means to be a team player.

Among the activities the SEAYLP Aguilers did were a) Tower Making - wherein the participants were asked to build the tallest, strongest and most creative tower out of materials provided for them. Throughout the activity, they were not allowed to talk to each other and they could trade some of their belongings for more materials if they wanted to (e.g. 10 straws for a pair of pants); b) Gadget Invention - wherein each member was asked to give up one important thing they could not live without and out of these stuff, the group must create a gadget that could help solve some of the world's problems; c) Blindfold count - wherein participants were all blindfolded and paired and were asked to count from 1 to 18 (there were 18 pairs), with one number being yelled by one pair together. They must be able to count up to 18 without shouting the same number together with another pair and they must count in sequence. A mistake would mean going back to no. 1; d) Ice breakers - "I Have A Mango" ice breaker given by one of the Aguilers was more of a body ice breaker. The final ice breaker, "Hep" Game, was more of a game on listening and alertness.

The half-day activity ended with lunch provided by BCBP. Each Aguiler also received a baller from BCBP with the words, "Be Honest".

This is not the only activity of SEAYLP Philippines, the group who represented the country in the first Southeast Asian Youth Leadership Program (Spring 2010) at Northern Illinois University. Every Sunday, the Aguilers would go to the Bacolod Public Plaza and teach street children loitering in the plaza how to read and write. They would also conduct storytelling with emphasis on values education.

The SEAYLP Team Aguila is inviting anyone who wish to help, in one way or another, especially the street children of Bacolod. You can join them at the Public Plaza every Sunday morning (8:30 am). You can help by giving some snacks to the street children or even provide the Team with story books we can share with the kids.

If you have facebook, you can visit their FB page in this link.

Together, we can make a difference.

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