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October 8, 2010

The Cinemanatomy: Learning Anatomy the Fun Way

Part of the challenge of being a teacher is how to motivate the students to learn. Making them learn is one thing. Making the learning fun is another. So, stepping off from what I previously did during a Physiology class I handled last school year, I asked my Anatomy students to submit a video summarizing what they have learned about a specific human organ. Last school year it was the Physio-mercials, wherein the students applied Physiology concepts on a fictional product they were supposed to advertise. This time, the students in Anatomy were free to choose the kind of format they would want. They were only given a human organ to focus and some keywords they were supposed to integrate in their video. There were 5 groups and there were basically 5 different outputs:

One video was actually a spoof of the popular TV series CSI, with the team investigating the victim's Liver. The other video was also a spoof of a popular local entertainment news, with Kris Aquino and Boy Abunda talking about the Spleen. Another video was an MTV video, using a popular Miley Cyrus song with their own lyrics about the Pancreas. Another video was a Blair-Witch inspired movie about a mad-doctor-turned-serial-killer out to make the perfect kidney. The last video is a Bollywood-meets-Nightmare-On-Elm-Street presentation about the Urinary Bladder.

Here is the winner of the Gold Prize

Here is the winner of the Silver Prize:

Cinemanatomy: Diary of the Lost Kidney @ Yahoo! Video

Here's the winner of the Bronze Prize:

Cinemanatomy: Party in the Pancreas on Vimeo.

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