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July 3, 2010

Things You Won't Forget As A Participant Of The 7th GHC: Football

While the Global health course was going on, the world was constantly watching the events in South Africa. The World Cup fever was on the rise and it was all the more made apparent since among the participants in the GHC were Chileans whose national team was actually competing against other countries from around the world. Watching the Chileans react to every action on the football field whenever Team Chile was playing is reminiscent of Filipinos watching Manny Pacquiao's boxing match. The World Cup is symbolic of internationally unity and since the GHC participants seemed to have created almost subliminally a microcosm of the international community, the boys decided to play football as well.

Football is not exactly a Filipino sport although if given the chance we can excel in Football, more than we think about Basketball. Still, we wanted to show as well our sport prowess in Soccer, or the lack of it.

Still, it was a fun moment. We found this football field in an elderly home near our apartment and whenever the weather permitted, the guys would play football. So, with our own version of World Cup 2010, the GHC participants, mainly from Chile, Nepal, Tanzania, Philippines and Finland, would play football like we were the football greats as well.

No, we didn't exchange shirts after every game.

Then, if we were too tired to play outside, we would settle to watching the real World Cup match inside the apartment.

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