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July 10, 2010

Share Your Barriotic Story: Submit A Story "Contest"

Are you a former Doctor to the Barrios of the Department of Health? Then you must tell us your story. This "contest" is open to all Doctors to the Barrios both alumni and those presently working as DTTB.

SHARE YOUR BARRIOTIC STORY: The DTTB Foundation is planning to publish a book, a collection of stories of experiences of Doctors to the Barrios from past to present. We want you to tell your story in not more than 500 words. Choose from among the suggested themes:

1. "Habal-Habal" Stories - stories that focus on your travels within and outside of your barrio, share with us your anecdotes and experiences on your first habal-habal ride or your crossing the treacherous seas to your little municipal island. Anything to do with travels.
2. Stories From the Stethoscopes - stories that focus on your day-to-day dealings with your patients, share a memorable experience you have with a memorable patient.
3. Success Stories - stories about your accomplishments, big or small, stories of how you beat the odds, about perseverance and endurance in the barrio
4. Joys In The Barrios - funny anecdotes of your hilarious experiences in the barrios
5. All About The Barrio - inspirational stories, horror stories (even), any story that would highlight your community, your barrio, and the experience you had with the people, place and even food. :-)

If you want to write a story that you feel doesn't belong to any of the themes, just write them anyway.

If you are ready with your stories, please email them to not later than August 31, 2010. File must be in Word format. You can write more than one story and choose more than one theme.

To send a story, don't forget to write the TITLE of your story, the NAME of the author (of course) and the THEME you have chosen to write about. If you wish to write a story that doesn't belong to any of the themes, just write OTHERS as your THEME.

Be sure though that the stories are original and have not yet been published in any book, journal, news article, etc.

At the same time, please suggest a TITLE for the book. Best suggestions will be posted for VOTING among the members.

Send your stories now.

DEADLINE: August 31, 2010.
Best stories will be included in the book to be published within this year. All submitted stories will officially be considered property of the DTTB Foundation.

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MerryCherry, MD said...

I will try to join Bien. Hirap to come up with something new. I wanted to write sana about DTTBs history but i had it published sa CMP medic asia.

But i'm sure i can come up with one. :)

Mental Ward Patient No. 356851 said...

Thanks Doc Che. If you know of other past DTTB's, paki spread the word na lang and refer them to this link. We are planning to have this book hopefully by the time we will be holding out DTTB Alumni Congress.

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