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June 10, 2010


Remember what you have promised,
the pledge you yelped at the top of your lungs
while standing upon the graves
of revered heroes from whose bones
you yourself found life.
Remember the dead and how they
from the afterlife can see
the ways of the living.

Remember what you have promised,
the oath you etched on solid rock
the same rock that bears the names
of men and women from whose deaths
our liberty has been regained.
Remember the aged and how their ancient
wisdom permeates the cobwebs of
the present times.

Remember what you have promised,
the commitment you signed before the multitude
gathered in shades of yellow and white,
a contrast to the gloomy mood,
masses of emaciated souls robbed of hope.
Remember the living and how frustrations
can easily replace the euphoria
that once traversed their very veins.

Remember all these things you have said,
for while our patience can endure
20 years of bondage to apathy,
and our hearts can be fickle in
our daily choices,
we will always remember what you have said,
for they are the very words which
many of those who came before you
have said and have never fulfilled.

Remember always the promise made,
to the dead and the living.

This time, we will never forget.

(In honor of the newly elected officials of the Republic of the Philippines)

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