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June 18, 2010

Forging Linkages: Days 12 and 13 of the 7th Global Health Course

What is so good about this Global Health Course is that it has allowed me to interact with people from different cultures. All participants - Finns, Nepalese, Chileans, Filipinos and Tanzanians - are unique from each other, both in their personalities and their perspectives of the world and their own respective societies. However, while the differences can be obvious, there are similarities and commonalities which may not be as prominent as the variety but nonetheless real. It is important therefore that some linkages must be made amongst the participants which can be very helpful in the now and future in many aspects of our individualities. It is important that linkages must be made in order for us to ensure that we in our own respective ways put into practice the principles of equity and justice and equality in the field of public health.

In the last remaining days of our lectures, the GHC7 participants decided to spent more time for CHILLAXing (combination of chilling and relaxing). The pictures I think will speak for themselves.

For the Finns who have made our stay in Tampere as comfortable as ever, we thank you. Now that the lecture portion is over, we are all getting ready for our practical week. Meanwhile, the Filipinos will be spending this weekend in Tallinn before some of us will head once again to Helsinki next week for the first part of the practicals.

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