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May 22, 2010

Reminiscing Lincoln

During our trip to the US last April, we were studying Abraham Lincoln as our model for leadership. Abraham Lincoln is said to be America's most beloved President. His presidency, his life in fact, was not always perfect and smooth sailing. Even before he was successful in being elected to the Presidency, he experienced many failures, both in his personal and professional life. Among the most touching episodes in his life was the deaths of his sons. Out of the four sons he had, only one grew up to be an adult. The deaths of their children even drove his wife almost to the brink of madness. Lincoln and his wife had to suffer depression because of these tragedies.

The very day he won the election, the Southern States left the Union and the US Civil War began. It was his job to preserve the Union and ensure equality and liberty for all Americans regardless of race. Abraham Lincoln was after all the Great Liberator.

During our trip to Springfield, Illinois, we visited his house. We went inside and was able to take a peek at the life of the Lincolns while they were living in Springfield.
The Living Room of the Lincolns

We also went to Abraham Lincoln's Summer House at D.C. According to our tour guide, President Lincoln would usually ride his horse from The White House to his Summer House where he would stay during the summer when the weather was hot for D.C.

The highlight of course of our study tour about Abraham Lincoln was the visit to the Lincoln Memorial. This huge monument to this American president is really overwhelming and also inspiring.
But the most memorable experience in this study tour on Lincoln was our visit to his Presidential Museum. The exhibits were very awesome and the 3D presentation was totally out-of-this-world experience. I love the "Ghosts of the Library" exhibit. It was so "Harry Potter" in presentation. During the entire show, my mouth was just open. We couldn't take pictures of the inside of the museum though.

The adult leaders were given books on Lincoln and after reading his biography, speeches and quotations, my respect and admiration for this man increased more than a notch higher.

Perhaps what I have learned from Lincoln is that being a leader is tough and sometimes there are more failures than successes. Lincoln suffered more than just tragedies at home. He too had to suffer even many losses during the Civil War. He even died not even witnessing the end of the Civil War. But Lincoln was and still is revered as one of the great Presidents of the USA, if not a great leader in the world stage.

"In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." - Abraham Lincoln

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