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May 17, 2010

Getting Sunburned at The Caribbean

Summer is about to end and we just couldn't let the Summer Sun pass without basking underneath its fiery glory and receive the blessings of a sunburn. So, with only less than a week of preparation, the family decided to spend one weekend at the Caribbean Water Park at Goldenfields, Bacolod. It was my first time to visit the place and it was truly a place worth-visiting.

The Caribbean contains two pools, the bigger pool contains two giant slides, a sunken pirate ship, a lighthouse and mini islands. The smaller pool on the other hand has the giant figure of Poseidon, king of the sea, and other Disney Characters. It even has a huge bucket which would tip over giving a huge splash of water.

It is definitely a nice place. An entrance fee of 100 pesos allows you to swim for free already in both pools and use the free tables and chairs located around the place. There are also cottages and cabins for rent.

It is a place for the family to enjoy especially in this hot summer season. The kids enjoyed their whole day of swimming. The adults enjoyed sliding down the Giant Slides.

It is definitely not going to be our last visit to this place.

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archiedelara said...

Caribbean Water Park at Goldenfields is a must see visit in Bacolod. I hope I can visit this when in Bacolod.

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