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May 12, 2010

The Difficult Part of Letting Go

There are moments in your life when one has to release and let go. We let go of things, of feelings, of people. It is a difficult action. For one, it is hard to uproot one's self from the attachments of life. We find it hard to give away an object of sentimental value. We find it hard to separate ourselves from people we have learned to like. Most of all, it is hard, perhaps the hardest of all, to let go of emotions, for they entrench themselves in the deepest possible recesses of a human being: his soul.

It is hard to let go because letting go means accepting the fact that change is coming. And change is filled with uncertainties. We fear the unknown, what it will bring to us, the potential harm that it can bring us. The threat of change alone spins our world into the realm of vertigo, of confusion, of anxiety, grinding to the point of nausea.

However, like all things in life, to let go can be as necessary as breathing in order to live. Letting go can be the important transition to yet another phase of life. It is that moment when one flips the page of a book anticipating the next chapter of a life's story.

Letting go is God's way of unclogging the sink, removing the excesses of life. The process can be painful but there is no other way.

There have been many times in our life that we have let go of something or someone. For some of us, it can be liberating. For others, it can be depressing.

So while we are slowly letting go of the things we wish to let go, we can only do nothing but wait.

And then, after everything has been loosed, we begin the process of moving on.

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