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May 18, 2010

Candoni's Moment: Behind The Scenes

It was a tribute to an undeserving person but in reality it was a tribute to the unsung heroes of Candoni. When TV5 came over to Candoni to document the life of a regular doctor to the barrio, it was our RHU's time to shine. Rarely do TV networks come to this small town in Negros Occidental and do a feel-good story about its people. We are thankful to the people of TV5 for choosing us to be featured in AKO MISMO (shown every Thursday 9:30pm at TV5).

It was a lovely surprise for me especially when my staff started giving their gifts. Even my family was brought from Bacolod to Candoni to attend a small get-together at Villa Cornelia resort in Sipalay. I was not worthy of this special tribute but it was as if Somebody from a near distance was trying to re-affirm me. This small affirmation was just what I needed at this moment in my life.

The road to doing service for the less fortunate continues. It doesn't stop here.

Thank you TV5.

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