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April 5, 2010

Life Is A Journey

Life is a journey. It may sound so cliche but it is. Even before we learned how to walk, we were already traveling. In our sojourn down the alley of our life, we have encountered so many co-travelers, some heading the same direction, others going exactly the opposite. The travel can be a confusing experience, fighting our way against the crowd, pushing and squeezing ourselves through. There are days when the traveling can be lonely, walking alone on a dirt road, with no soul in sight. Sometimes, traveling can be fun, filled with humor and laughter. Then the rain would come and ruin the party. We walk moving forward, at times, more determined by the sight of the nearing destination. Oftentimes we try walking backwards, looking back at the road we have already traveled, reminiscing in a pace where we can find time to recollect memories.

Life is a journey and we travel in so many ways in so many means with so many people. Along the way we were able to encounter new names, recognize old faces, built new friendships. Sometimes we would leave other people behind only to meet them once again down the next corner. Others have left us already; they have walked too fast, we could not catch up. Sometimes we run. And then we walk again. We would hum a tune or stay quiet. We jump over open manholes, leap over wide cliffs. There are occasional creeks and streams. Wide rivers can be intimidating, but sometimes the ride downstream can be exhilarating.

Life is a journey and sometimes the directions to our destination can be complicated. We search for signs that are more obvious than we ever expected. At times, we are lost in translation. We wait for the green light. We stop at the red light. We take a break at the parking space, or turn left on a one way street. We slow down and then we speed up, faster and faster. We turn in circles and after we feel dizzy, we take an exit into the interstate highway, down where the roads are long and quiet. And against the afternoon breeze we watch from the baywalk the dying sunset on the titian sea.

Life is a journey. It can be chaos. It can be messy. It can be smooth-sailing. It can be orderly. It can be War. It can be Peace. It can be disgusting. It can be delicious. It can be frustrating. It can be inspiring. It can be mysterious. It can be crystal clear.

No matter where one is headed for, it is only clear that my own sojourning life has the same amount of anxiety, worry, happiness, ecstasy, surprises and love as any other sojourner has. It is important to note that while our destination may be clear, and may have already been written for us, what is not yet certain is how we will get there. Each day we explore a new avenue, a new alley, a new river, a new hill, a new island, a new opportunity. Each day we traverse a new path, hike a new trail. trace a new coastline. Each day there is always something new. And this anticipation for something different pushes us to continue traveling.

Life is a journey and it is a good one.

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