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January 22, 2010

The (Not So) Typical Week in the RHU

What a week. And I thought I could not finish the week due to my very tight schedule. All part of the MHO's work.

Monday: Conducted a refresher's course with the staff on History Taking and Physical Examination. I had to refresh my nurses and midwives on the proper history taking and some basic maneuvers in physical examination. History taking and physical exam is not an exclusive domain of medical doctors. Any medical professional must need to know these skills.

Tuesday: Despite the long line of patients seeking consultation, I was able to insert an important meeting with the Festival Committee regarding our budget proposals. I am the chairman of the First Aid committee. I was also happy to hear that my suggestion of including the BAHAY KUBO as an official symbol to the Dinagyaw Festival was taken by the Festival Committee. In fact, one of the special prizes for the Dinagyaw Streetdancing Competition will be Best in Bahay Kubo. I feel that I have contributed something to the evolution of this very young festival. I do hope they will continue to use the Bahay Kubo and institutionalize it in the Festival, just like the Bacolod Masskara Festival or the Bago's bamboo cannons during their Cinco de Noviembre Celebration.

Wednesday: The morning was spent for EPI but I was invited to attend a meeting with the farmers of Caningay together with DAR. The afternoon was spent for our Local Health board meeting, the first for the year. The LHB was attended by our DOH representative Mrs. Manzano, BHW Federation President Mrs. Hernando, SB for Health Honorable Tomol, Municipal Administrator Sir Clint Saril (in behalf of Mayor Celot), Public Health Nurses Mrs. Malunes and Mrs. Saril, Public Health Manager Ms. Japzon and of course yours truly. Many issues were discussed including our upcoming events for the Heart Month which will be on February. Launching will be on Feb. 1 and Culminating Activity will be on Feb. 25.

Thursday: Bloodletting Activity with Red Cross. Too few blood donors but I had a wonderful discussion with the Red Cross volunteers and I am planning to invite them again to present a project proposal for the municipality.

For the week, we had at least 4 deliveries in our birthing facility and we have already been inspected by Philhealth representatives for our MCP.

This morning I was able to attend an interactive small group discussion and lecture on updates of Management of Diarrhea among pediatric patients at Sugarland Hotel, Bacolod.

Of course to cap the week, I received some good news.

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