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January 1, 2010

New Year's Eve

The New Year's eve celebrations at home last night was by far the best that we ever had. We bought so many fireworks we still have some left for the following night. We also prepared so many food we had a hard time trying to fit them all in our small refrigerator. It was a fun night and I had fun especially taking videos of our celebration. I bought a video cam out of my savings from my DTTB salary as my remembrance of my DTTB experience. December 31, 2009 is my last day as a DTTB. I am now "devolved".

After the fireworks, we all went inside our dining room, had our traditional family prayers and then ate our media noche dinner: the ever-present spaghetti, salad, cakes, chicken, ham, drinks, sweets, soup, etc. While having our media noche dinner, we all watched the videos I took earlier on TV. The kids were enjoying it, especially my daughter who was screaming every time we lit up one of our fireworks. She also tried holding one of those sparklers we bought and was enjoying every moment of it.

The morning of New Year's Day, we all revived our videoke skills and started singing our favorite songs in our videoke. I was quite tired really that I slept the entire afternoon. I still have a few days left before I get back to work on Monday.

There is so much to look forward this 2010. I can now confidently say that this year will be another year filled with traveling and networking with so many people.

I will still be traveling to Cebu almost frequently because I am taking up my Masters in Public Health at UP Cebu. Of course, I will also be traveling to the U.S. this coming April together with 6 other students for a Leadership training program sponsored by the U.S. government. The program will be at Northern Illinois University but I was told that we will have a chance to visit Washington, D.C. I am also planning my trip with the family to Hong Kong as part of the award given by the DOH during our last CME in Clark, Pampanga. The original plan is to take the trip sometime in March or if not late May, after the elections and just before the opening of school.

I can also confidently say that this year will be another year of transition. I have been thinking about so many plans and so far I have drawn up to Plan E. Hopefully, 2010 will be a year which will allow me to prepare for yet another phase of my life. I feel though that 2010 will be a challenging year, a year which I will be adjusting to a life that is quite different from my DTTB experience. In fact, the adjustment period has just begun.

So, while I look back with gratitude to 2009, I look forward to 2010 with hope that while there are fears of uncertainty and instability, 2010 will also be another year filled with big milestones in my life and in the life of my family.

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