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January 16, 2010


Last week, as part of our capability building sessions, the Rural Health Midwives underwent basic encoder's training. Our target is to become "paperless" and eventually create a database for our FHSIS. The midwives were taught about the computer. It was intimidating at first for many of them especially the older ones but as soon as they were able to learn how to maneuver the mouse and basically turn on the computer, they were already enjoying it. They learned how to encode their FHSIS data in excel and appreciated the value of not calculating for the sum. All they need to do is just encode the numbers and the computer will solve the sum and even the percentage for them. It will even give them an analysis of whether they have reached their targets or not.

The other health staff were then taught about Epi Info and how to encode properly our OPD data. We now have a database of all patients who have so far sought consultation in our Main health Center and it is now easy to retrieve old records. All we need to do is just search them in our database and the computer will print them out for us.

The midwives now are enjoying. Many of them are planning to lobby for their barangay to purchase their own computer with printer. All barangays have electricity. Having a computer can help them in their clerical work and at the same time establishing their own database for their important files.

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