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January 22, 2010

Buntis Baby Bag Project Update No. 9

More and more mothers are delivering their babies in our birthing facility at the RHU. No donations have been coming in so far since 2009 ended. The last time I made my inventory, the available green bags will only suffice until the month of January, depending on the demand.

The following are the latest recipients of the Green Bags:

Erlinda Yurpo, Brgy. East, Baby Boy
Jocelyn Deliosa, Brgy. Haba, Baby Girl
Jenelyn Callao, Brgy. Cabia-an, Baby Girl
Aiza Belotindos, Brgy. West, Baby Boy
Estela Ciriaco, Brgy. Cabia-an, Baby Girl
Estrilleta Treyes, Brgy. Cabia-an, Baby Girl
Ma. Luisa Matandac, Brgy. Haba, Baby Boy
Emily Rodriguez, Brgy. Cabia-an, Baby Boy
Lida Estores, Brgy. Banga, Baby Boy
Beverly Valdez, Brgy. Banga, Baby Boy
Ma. Teresa Deliosa, Brgy. West, Baby Boy
Rodelyn Roscas, Brgy. Haba, Baby Girl
Realyn Sorbito, Brgy. Agboy, Baby Boy

During the EPI last week at Brgy. Gatuslao, I was also able to give away 4 White Bags to mothers who brought their babies for their Measles vaccine.

I do hope many more sponsors will be able to donate any items: rice, canned goods, baby clothes, diapers, multivitamins, etc.

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