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January 5, 2010

Buntis Baby Bag Project Update No. 8: Saying Thank You to the Donors.

There are still supplies left to be given away, thanks to the continuing support of our sponsors and donors. I must thank Rommel Abaja and family for donating 1 sack of rice. At the same time, the students of the Premed Society of USLS have also donated another box of baby stuff to be given away. So far the following are the new recipients of the Green Bags:

Joselyn Mangay, Brgy. Haba, Baby Boy
Judith Cabahug, Brgy. East, Baby Girl
Myleen Panugaling, Brgy. Banga, Baby Boy
Elian Bating, Brgy. Banga, Baby Boy
Merlinda Escosan, Brgy. West, Baby Boy
Marilou Tabaculde, Brgy. Agboy, Baby Girl
Cristy Padilla, Brgy. Haba, Baby Girl
Milcah Elumba, Brgy. East, Baby Boy
Mary Joy Escamilla, Brgy. Cabia-an, Baby Boy
Jenle Pamposa, Brgy. West, Baby Girl

I am hoping that there are mo sponsors who will be willing to donate grocery items, baby clothes (either old or new), diapers, multivitamins, etc. I am hoping that this project will continue throughout the year.

There are still mothers, especially in one village, who still would opt to deliver their babies in their homes. But when they heard about the project, some of them were motivated to go to the health center and have their babies delivered. One example is the woman in the video ( who was very thankful for having received a green bag containing baby diapers, canned goods, noddles and 1 kilo of rice. Even our far-flung barangays have also decided to go to our health center and have their babies delivered.

Thank you sponsors for your generosity.

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