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December 31, 2009

My Pledge For 2010

Like everyone else, I too have my own resolutions for 2010:
1. I resolve to watch over my diet. I have not been giving some attention to my body especially on what I am eating and this can be dangerous, health-wise. So I need to practice what I preach when it comes to Healthy Lifestyle. I resolve to eat more nutritious food, less of those cholesterol-containing delicious stuff and give more time to jogging, brisk-walking, even maybe going to the gym.
2. I resolve to be more thrifty and to really plan things ahead, especially financially-wise. I must divest myself of my impulsiveness and must bear some sense of self-control.

3. I resolve to give more time to reading. I have not really spent time reading, even the non-technical materials. Perhaps the only book that I have really read for 2009 is Og Mandino's The Twelfth Angel. I mus resume to reading, especially my textbooks. I have them close to my bed every time I sleep but I usually cannot read them for reasons I do not know. Maybe for 2010, an hour a day just for reading, as in strictly reading, will do good.
4. I resolve to be more patient, especially with myself. I am an impatient man. It is my most grievous sin perhaps. This time I promise to control my temper. I promise to count from 10 backwards before I even say a remark out of emotional outburst.
5. I resolve to pray more often than not. There are times that I would forget to pray and I would only remember it when I need something. I must always pray, whether or not I am in need. So, I resolve to pray especially the Chaplet of Divine Mercy even just once a day. I have started doing it already especially when I travel to my area of work. Prayer does not really make me a saint. It reminds me exactly of the opposite.

These are my five major resolutions for 2010. There will be some small promises along the way but if I could conquer these 5 weaknesses, then perhaps I might be ready to face the smaller and bigger promises. So help me God.

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