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December 15, 2009

Buntis Baby Bag Update No. 5

More recipients of the Buntis Baby Green Bags were given during the weekend, yesterday and today:
Jocelyn Diego, Brgy. Haba, Baby Girl
Myden Esmeralda, Brgy. Banga,Baby Boy
Teresita Badieles, Brgy. Haba, Baby Boy
Julinda Tico, Brgy. Agboy, Baby Girl
Janice Torre, Brgy. West, Baby Girl

No White Bags were given during the weekend but I am expecting some to be given away tomorrow during the regular EPI schedule at Brgy. Haba and Brgy. Banga. Tomorrow, I will be giving away 3 White bags at Brgy. Agboy (if the recipients will come for their immunization schedule) during the turnover ceremony of the New Barangay Health Station of Brgy. Agboy. The Philippine Army constructed the new health station; a much bigger structure compared to the current health station.

More bags to be given away!

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