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December 4, 2009

Buntis Baby Bag Update No. 3: Recipients

The following are the first recipients of the GREEN BAGS (these bags are given to mothers who delivered their babies at the Main Health Center and has complete prenatal check up at their respective Barangay Health Stations)
Mary Grace Importante, Brgy. East, Baby Girl
Irene Silva, Brgy. West, Baby Girl
Olivia Bilbao, Brgy. Gatuslao, Baby Boy
Naldita Romero, Brgy. Haba, Baby Boy
Lalaine Ladiana, Brgy. West, Baby Boy
Razel Escanol, Brgy. West, Baby Boy
Melody Bacoli Silva, Brgy. West, Baby Boy

The following are the first recipients of the WHITE BAGS (these bags are given to mothers who brought their children to the Barangay Health Station for the completion of their immunization - fully immunized children):
Jejelyn Claud, Brgy. Agboy, Baby Girl
Jorlyn Tanedo, Brgy. Payauan, Baby Girl
Wilma Casper, Brgy. Payauan, Baby Girl
Liera Claud, Brgy. Payauan, Baby Girl
Jenny Billena, Brgy. Payauan, Baby Girl
Mayribeth Esparagoza, Brgy. Payauan, Baby Boy

If you are willing to sponsor a bag, please send me your email address so I can give you the details. Thank you very much to the Fourth year Bs Biology students of the University of Saint La Salle for being the first batch of donors for the Buntis Baby Bag Project for Candoni.

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