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December 24, 2009

Buntis Baby Bag Project Update No. 7: Increasing Demand, Dwindling Supplies

Since the start of the Project, many of the mothers in Candoni heard about the reward and many are asking about it, whether or not the Project will extend beyond December. The only answer we would give them is that "offer's good while supplies last". Many mothers would rush to the health stations during immunization days and for those who have yet to "graduate" from their EPI, watching others receive their White Bags have motivated them all the more to bring their kids to the health station. Yesterday, two barangays received white bags: Brgy. West and Brgy. East, both barangays in the Poblacion area. Many mothers enjoyed the bags they received especially the toys for their children. In one barangay, I had to give two bags because the mother had twins. I remember the twins which the mother delivered also in our Main Health Center. Here are the names of the recipients:

Maria Nita de la Cruz, Brgy. West
Elena Escanilla, Brgy. West
Josie Robles, Brgy. West
Liza Makilan, Brgy. West
Mary Ann Sealsa, Brgy. West
Elona Olasca, Brgy. West
Rosana Zamora, Brgy. East
Judy Gilbor, Brgy. East
Romana Enpanto, Brgy. East
Roselyn Roblico, Brgy. East
Julyn Gelasio, Brgy. East
Melanie De Ramos, Brgy. East
Judylyn Lumangyaw, Brgy. East
Padac Dujales, Brgy. Caningay
Fely Libo-on, Brgy. West

Last Tuesday Dec. 22 was also a "toxic" day for the Main Health Center. There were 3 mothers who delivered in our Delivery Room. In fact, that particularly Tuesday culminated the 5-day DR toxicity in our Main Health Center. Over the weekend, a lot of mothers delivered in our Main Health Center, some coming from as far as Brgy. Agboy. One of those who delivered was my personal "massage therapist", who at 40 years old still got pregnant.

The following are the recipients of the Green Bags:

Nelinda Occena, Brgy. Agboy, Baby Girl
Rosana Antonio, Brgy. East, Baby Boy
Analie Pojas, Brgy. West, Baby Boy
Jupita Amadillo, Brgy. West, Baby Girl
Harlen Lambot, Brgy. Cabia-an, Baby Girl
Cheryl Barato, Brgy. West, Baby Girl
Susan Diguet, Brgy. Payauan, Baby Boy
Rosela Tubay, Brgy. Haba, Baby Boy
Amalia Jungco, Brgy. Haba, Baby Girl

Next week, Philhealth representatives are coming over at the Main Health Center for inspection in line with our Maternal Care Package accreditation. We are currently OPB and TBDOTS accredited. In fact, our TB DOTS program is improving that compared to last year's very low Case Detection rate of only 57%, we have increased to 87.5% as of the third quarter's numbers. Cure rate has slightly increased as well (from 92% in 2008 to 94% this year).

I am still calling on all generous individuals who wish to continue giving in support of the Buntis Baby Bag Project. I wanted to approach politicians to help me with this project but I want to avoid being "politicized" especially this project which basically is largely supported by private individuals.

What the mothers and their children might need: diapers, clothes, canned goods, rice, noodles, loin cloths, multivitamins, other baby accessories, etc. You can give toys but make sure that the toys you would like to donate are appropriate for age (for less than 1 year old kids). Please avoid giving milk bottles, milk and pacifiers. Again, let me emphasize that with regards to clothes and baby stuff, you need not buy new ones. Your old but re-usable ones are also well appreciated.

Please give. Any excess which we will receive this December will be carried over to January. For as long as there are many who wish to give, we will continue the project.

To those who have given already, thank you very much. I am saying this in behalf of all the mothers and fathers and children of Candoni.

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