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November 10, 2009

What The Cards Say

I don't believe in Tarot Cards or fortune telling but I have to admit that I sometimes read my horoscopes for the sake of having fun. I came over a site on tarot cards and I was curious what the cards would tell my about my life. The site asked me if I have a question in mind. Considering my present situation, I typed the question: "Will I be successful in my career?" Obviously, I am suffering from self-pity and lack of self esteem as of the moment and am therefore questioning my capabilities. The next step that I chose was the kind of spread for my tarot cards. I chose the 6-card spread. I was then made to "electronically" shuffle the cards and then after shuffling the cards, I chose my 6 random cards. My choice revealed the following six cards:

Card No. 1: 5 of Wands, inverted. Card No. 1 is also called as the Querent position. This means, the card on this position tells about the person asking the question. "The position gives insight into current circumstances, situations and areas of concern. The querent's immediate surroundings".

The inverted 5 of Wands means "Success in a personal battle. To stay one's ground in the face of opposition. To compete well." Now that is weird. My present situation does resemble a personal struggle, a battle within. I am currently in a predicament where I am made to choose actually and in the process of making this choice, I am struggling within. When I read the interpretation, I dismissed it as some form of coincidence.

Card No. 2: Judgment, inverted. Card No. 2 is also called the Opposition position. "The "Oppositions" position gives insights into those forces that oppose the querent (position 1). What forces or individuals stand in the path to progress? Or, what qualities are currently lacking?"

The inverted Judgment card means "A false judgement or a flawed accounting. A mistake which goes unnoticed, only to cause later problems. False endings." Now this is getting weirder. It also relates to the present predicament that I am in. In my making of my ultimate choice, my only enemy here would be a false judgment, a wrong choice. Or perhaps, the wrong choices in the past have led me to the kind of predicament that I am in now. Thus, the card serves as a reminder as well: Before I make any hasty choices, I have to weigh things further.

Card No. 3: Ten of Pentacles, inverted. Card No. 3 is also called the Histories position. "The "Histories" position outlines a background or past mental state that has been crucial to the current position. What has gone before? Where has the querent been? Who or what has had influence?"

The inverted Ten of Pentacles means "Difficult times. A period of struggle and economic hardship. Loneliness and discomfort. To be looked over, and not given one's due." By this time I was having goosebumps already. The road before me was indeed filled with some forms of deep sadness. I had many personal struggles, including economic hardship! In fact, the choices I made in the past were influenced by the hardships that I have experienced. It was not a pleasant journey for me before I came to where I am now. I was getting excited (and scared!) and was looking forward to the next card.

Card No. 4: 7 of cups, inverted. The Card No. 4 is also known as the Near Futures position. "The "Near Futures" position gives insight into the next steps on the road ahead. How does the present situation affect tomorrow?"

The inverted 7 of cups means "Abandoning fantasies. Accepting responsibilities. Something or someone that is down-to-earth. Recognizing true friends and showing support." This card seems to be a wake up call. Now is the time to face realities. Maybe there are certain circumstances that are really inevitable. What is nice about this card that it reminds me of "true friends". In my inner struggle, I was reminded that I have true friends who can help me win the battle. "True friends" here refer to families and friends. In the last few days, I have experienced much of this support from these authentic friends.

Card No. 5: 5 of swords, inverted. Card No. 5 is also known as the Strategies position. "The "Strategies" position depicts mindsets and courses of action that will assist the querent as he or she moves into the future. Moving forward, what should the querent be mindful of?"

The inverted 5 of swords card means "Overcoming opposition. A contest of wills proves difficult but ultimately victorious. Success is clutched from the jaws of defeat." This interpretation also gave me a boost in my optimism. While the struggle within myself will be tough, in the end I will be victorious. Thus the card reminds me to remain hopeful and optimistic, even patient or persistent. The mindset is to look forward to a victorious end.

Card No. 6: Ace of Wands. Card No. 6 is the Wholeness position. "The "Wholeness" position gives insight into an overall energy which defines the querent and the issue at hand. What is the outcome of this situation? What will ultimately be its defining issue?"

The Ace of Wands means "Powerful desires and male energies are at work. A clearness of ambition. New conquests and new possibilities are everywhere. A new start." Again, this may be a powerful message for me. Perhaps this card tells me that life has to move on and I should not be afraid for there are new possibilities, new conquests and a new start. There should be no fear because, by going back to Card No. 5, I shall be successful in whatever I do for as long as I remain persistent and determined. I know my goals in life and I have set my ambitions for myself and my family. I shall not be timid and settle for anything less than the ambitions I have set for myself. Things may not look well today but perhaps it is permitted by fate to be so in order to open me up to new and better opportunities and possibilities.

I am not sure if I still believe in Tarot cards but today, I feel hopeful.

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