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November 30, 2009

Green and White Bags For Moms and Babies

For this week (week 1), we were only able to collect enough items to make 13 green bags and 8 white bags. Which means, we will be giving a maximum of 13 bags for mothers who will be delivering their babies in our main health center for this week. If there will be less than 13 mothers who will deliver at the health center, the remaining bags will be carried over for the next week (week 2). The white bags will be given to mothers who will be bringing their kids to the Barangay health station for the Measles vaccine (to become fully immunized children). And since I only have 8 white bags, I will be choosing Barangay Agboy as my recipient barangay for this week. Barangay Agboy is one of my farthest Barangays and the population is quite small. However, the FIC rate is quite low compared to other barangays. So, this Wednesday (EPI Day), we will be going to Agboy to distribute 8 white bags to 8 kids who will be Fully Immunized Children.

After dinner, my wife and I started packing the Green and White Buntis Baby Bags. I really have to thank the BS Bio 4 students of USLS for donating old and new baby clothes, baby toys, even multivitamin drops and other medicines. They also donated loads of noodles and canned goods. My wife also took out a box of old baby clothes, my kids' old clothes, to add to our Buntis Baby Bags.

I forgot to print out the bag labels which we were supposed to staple on to the bags so before the vehicle from the Mayor's office arrives tomorrow, I have to print out and photocopy the labels.

I am still hoping that there will be more donations that will come next week or within this week. I know some of my friends are reading this blog and may have some extra to give away. Remember that this is NOT a DOLE OUT. This is given to mothers who have decided to support the facility-based delivery policy of the municipality and the expanded program of immunization of the health office.

What we need: baby clothes (for newborns, not necessarily new), rice (preferably 1 kilo of rice, packed), canned goods (sardines, corned beef, etc), noodles, multivitamin drops (please check the expiry date), loin cloths or disposable diapers (for disposable diapers, preferably small). You may wish to add more items such as toys (appropriate for age), old adult clothes (for mothers), safety pins or other baby stuff. Please DO NOT donate: milk bottles, pacifiers, milk powders and pills for mothers. You may wish to give training cups instead of milk bottles.

Donors and sponsors will be receiving thank you cards by the end of the month and the list of the recipients and beneficiaries will be posted here as well at the end of the project's duration.

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