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November 27, 2009

Buntis Baby Bag Update No. 1

I was happy today that I was able to receive seven paper and plastic bags filled with grocery items, multivitamins, diapers, and other baby stuff from fourth year BS Biology students of the University of Saint La Salle. I was told that some of the members of the Pre-med Society, the club exclusive for Bs Biology students, are pledging to sponsor bags for my initiated project. Some personally told me that they will be sending their bags either tomorrow or Tuesday. I was happy and was very touched. I thought I might not be able to collect at least 1 donated bag. I was already planning to push through with the project funded out of my own personal resources. My wife and I in fact already bought green and white plastic bags last week ready to be filled with items to be given to Mothers and Babies in Candoni.

To remind my readers, the Buntis Baby Bag is a personal project I initiated in order to reward good health seeking behaviors among mothers in Candoni. The objective is to give these bags to mothers who prefer to deliver their babies at the Health Center instead of delivering them in their homes, contrary to the new health policy of the government (facility-based deliveries). At the same time, bags will be given also to Mothers who will be bringing their children for their last dose of Measles (fully immunized children) in order to reward them for their persistence in ensuring that their kids are fully immunized. My target is to collect and give at least 50 green and white bags for December. I now have 7. I have 43 more to go.

Thank you BS Bio students Class 2010 USLS.

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