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September 13, 2009

Reviving Old Traditions (The CPMales)

Back in 1996, in order to attract more male students to join the female-dominated Campus Peer Ministry (CPM) in USLS-IS, I decided to form the CPMales, an all-male movement that would somehow draw more young men to actively participate in religious endeavors inside the school. With the support of Ms. Boogie (a.k.a. Mama Boogs) and then USLS-IS Principal Bro. Gus Boquer, FSC, the CPMales was born in October 18, 1996 with around 30 plus third year and first year male students. The following year, the second council of CPMales was formed in October 20, 1997 and the third council in October 14, 1998. The last council was formed in 2001. Since then, the CPMales no longer conducted a retreat. It has already satisfied its objective. By the end of 2000, there were as many boys as there were girls and the boys were the ones leading the organization already, at the same time becoming role models of fine Christian gentlemen in the campus.

I was happy though that a few weeks ago, Vince, the present CPM president, texted me informing me about reviving the CPMales. I was invited to speak about the history of the movement and how it all started. This morning, I visited the USLS-IS and shared to 29 new CPMales how it all started, the birth pains of the movement and the stories of many "prominent" former CPMale members who turned out to be good examples of manly Christian living.

While I was watching them, listening to the younger facilitators speaking and sharing their thoughts about the activities and the Bible passages, I couldn't help but also recall my high school life, especially my involvement with CPM and CPMales. I also couldn't help but miss my old friends, friends who shared with me the task of founding the movement. Inside the CPM office, there is a collage of pictures of the fourth council of CPMales posted. While I was looking at the old familiar faces, I could not help but reminisce.

I was pessimistic about organizing the CPMales. I wasn't sure if many would respond to the invitation. I was happy that many did respond and that the traditions we started still appeal to the present young people. I pray that they will continue to sustain the fervor and enthusiasm to "serve God through serving others", which is actually the motto of the CPMales movement. I pray that they choose to be "Men of God" rather than "Men of Men". I pray that they will realize that genuine Manliness is the ability to Love others, to be humble, to be of service to others.

I do hope they continue the CPMales movement, and perhaps through this, a few, if not many, of these young males would also consider the religious vocation.

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