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September 21, 2009

Quiet September?

My September was supposed to be a quiet month, but it turned out to be a very hectic month as well. One of the most major activities we had at the Candoni RHU was of course our RHU sportsfest activity. It was supposed to celebrate the first year anniversary when we transferred to the newly renovated Main Health Center. The original plan was to hold a ceremony commemorating the event, but later, I decided to hold a sportsfest activity instead. It was to be the first time ever in the history of the RHU to have its entire staff, to include the barangay health workers and our barangay captains, compete in a sportsfest activity. It was a successful activity and the preparations for the activity were very toxic.

The sportsfest became the talk of the town and the staff could not help but talk and share about their funny experiences the day after the sportsfest. Everyone enjoyed the activity, which ended at around 6:30 pm already. Everyone enjoyed the Amazing Relay Game, the final event of the sportsfest.

Thanks to Mayor Borromeo, Candonians enjoy a newly renovated Main Health Center, equipped with a Delivery Room, Emergency Room and even a Laboratory (TB DOTS center). By the way, we now have 10 TB patients enrolled in our TB DOTS center (in just 2 weeks time!)

And the hecticness does not end there.

Our Main Health Center remains toxic as ever, even during at night. With an average of 2 deliveries a day at the Main Health center and an average of at least 20 patients per day at the OPD, life is toxic at the RHU.

Tomorrow, I will be facilitating a meeting with department heads to discuss the hosting plans for the upcoming ABS-CBN Bantay Bata Medical Mission and Feeding Activity this coming September 26, 2009, the first time ever as well in Candoni. It just so happens that the program coordinator of Bantay Bata in Bacolod is a schoolmate of mine so it was quite easy to facilitate the holding of this activity.

I was already able to discuss the initial plans with Mayor Borromeo himself during our first local health board since Mayor Celot had his comeback in the municipality, after a long break due to some illness. The Mayor is recuperating and his recovery is phenomenal. During the meeting, the First Lady was also there and was elated to hear the many developments happening in the small town.

Next week will be my last week in Candoni, before I leave for Clark to attend my final CME as a Doctor to the Barrio.

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