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August 1, 2009

The Torch Has Been Passed

August 1 of 2009 couldn't be more historic than this. The day started with such melancholy with the death of Corazon Aquino. The entire day was marred with heavy rains and dark clouds. But the storm did not stop another historic gathering in my residence. Today marks as well our own first steps to "fighting back", to crying for our rights, for fighting for justice. We talked about our plans and our next steps and we were quite afraid at first. But now, we have decided to take the crucial steps, the road where some DTTB's fear to tread. The Rubicon has been crossed.

During our gathering, we were able to connect with some DTTBs stationed in Luzon through internet chat. We were able to get also their concensus and were able to plan our next moves. We will be pursuing this move one step at a time. But we are also making plans for the worst case scenarios. Either way, we are ready to go all the way. That's what you get when a band of idealistic young doctors gather together and decide in unison to stand for their rights.

I am not sure how great the impact this will have in the long-term but what I am certain is that today, young doctors have decided to speak up for themselves and speak for their rights and for justice. We may be fighting an uphill battle, but at least we tried. There is no place for pandering. If you want something done, then do it. We decided not to pussyfoot. And of course, we will never resort to bad mouthing.

All we want is for the larger community to listen, to be aware of the plight of the doctor to the barrio. For now, nobody's listening. And it would seem nobody cares. But still we choose to take a stand and to take the steps. We will talk the talk and walk the walk.

Now, the torch has been passed. We expect that the "torch" will be passed on the Luzon Group and eventually find its way in the right hands.

If they will disregard it, then we will light another torch and this time bring it to much higher ground.

For now, we wait in darkness, finding comfort in this tiny light we made, hoping for the best.

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