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August 24, 2009

Questioning The Presidentiables' Health Agenda

I received an email tonight asking HLMP fellows to send in questions to the Presidentiables regarding queries on their health agenda. I have decided to post some of my questions to them here in my blog. Any one of them can choose a question to answer. Maybe some of the readers of my blog has answers to these questions as well.

1) There are some who believe that the Devolution of Health has done more harm than good. What is your stand on the proposal of re-centralization of our health system? Why?
2) Until now, some LGUs have yet to fully implement the Magna Carta for Public Health Workers. As potential President, what can you do that will ensure that all LGUs will be able to implement the Magna Carta for Public health workers?
3) What is your stand on the Cheaper Medicines Act?
4) What is your stand on the present Reproductive Health Bill? Will your administration push for the implementation of Population Control through artificial means?

5) Currently, the Department of Health has a program called Doctors to the Barrios which supposedly addresses the problem of "brain drain" among medical professionals. In your administration, how will you ensure the sustainability of the Doctors to the Barrios program or any similar program? How will you address the "brain drain" among medical professionals?
6) Enrolling indigents to Philhealth has been seen as more of benefitting the "political indigents" rather than the authentic indigents in society. How will your administration ensure that Philhealth benefits will reach the true poor and not just the political dependents?
7) How will your administration lure more young and idealistic doctors to serve the countryside, the frontlines, rather than leave the country or concentrate more in urban settings?
8) Many rural health physicians abandon public health because of the perceived lack of professional growth. How will your administration retain these RHP's and ensure that they too shall professionally succeed and not become professionally stagnant?
9) Prevention is better than cure. How will your administration invest in preventive medicine?
10) In the light of many emerging diseases, how will your administration prepare the country against potential epidemics, including disasters and other threats to health?

Answers, anyone?

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