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August 6, 2009


I wanted to blog today but I am too tired to blog. I am firstly emotionally drained after watching the funeral of Cory Aquino yesterday. I am physically drained as well after attending to my work as dttb, busy planning and preparing for the Lung Month celebrations in my area. I am kind of spiritually and emotionally and physically fatigued. Today begins my novena prayers in anticipation for my 2nd year anniversary as a doctor. I am planning to go to Cebu on the 15th (Saturday) for my annual pilgrimage. Last year, my wife and kids joined me in my first anniversary pilgrimage to Simala, Cebu. This year, the family opted for a simple thanksgiving dinner the day after. So, I will be going alone to Cebu instead and I am planning to meet up with other friends who will be in Cebu during that day as well.

For now, I am taking my rest. Next week will be a busy week for me. So much things to do. So little time. I got drained and quite frankly frustrated after my mid-year PIR meeting with the staff last Tuesday. While we are performing very well in many of the indicators such as facility-based deliveries and deliveries attended by skilled health workers to name a few, we are lagging surprisingly in our FIC. I made another battlecry last Tuesday and I was telling the staff that should we not be able to reach the imposed target for most of our health indicators, I will be forced to NOT give the Magna Carta rights we were fighting for since Day 1. Good news though, the municipal budget officer has already agreed to giving 5% of the hazard pay. Next year, it will already be 10%. During the budget forum, everything has already been finalized.

Tomorrow, philhealth will be visiting and will be conducting an orientation on how to fill up documents and papers to be submitted to them. We are now PHILHEALTH accredited, for both TB DOTS and Outpatient Benefit Package.

I think I need a rest, more of a spiritual retreat and the next 9 days will be the best time to recharge spiritually. To commemorate the beginning of my novena, I bought a small image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, whom I consider my personal patron and protector, and new rosary beads. I will be starting my novena every 9 pm until the day of August 15 when I will be visiting the Guadalupe Church in Cebu to pray.

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