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August 15, 2009

My Personal Wishlist

In celebration of my second year anniversary as a medical doctor, I am publishing my wishlist for the year. Note that this is just a wishlist and although I do hope all wishes can come true, this list is really more of a hopeful wishing list.
1. I have always wanted a Sony Digital Camera, particulary the Cybershot DSC H20 model. It has intelligent Auto mode, with a 3.0" LCD screen and a 10x optical zoom. It has double anti-blur technology and HD movie recording capability. I am not sure whether this is the latest model but should I start my photography hobby, this one is a nice start.

2. I would love to own a Macbook. The first time I saw one I was really attracted like ants are to a pool of a diabetic's urine. All Macbooks come with integrated iSight, mini-DVI, AirPort Extreme, MagSafe power connector, upgradeable 512 MB (2x256) RAM, Bluetooth, built-in 10/100/1000 BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet, Sudden Motion Sensor and Scrolling TrackPad, as well as an Apple Remote.

3. An iPhone wouldn't look so bad either. I have been using the same cellphone for the past 3 years already. If I should change my old cellphone, I would rather buy an iphone. It is a phone, an ipod and internet device all in one. Talk about doing almost everything in the palm of your hands.

4. Airplane tickets for two to Hongkong plus cash allowance for shopping galore! Wait, should that be two separate wishlist items? Anyway, Hongkong and shopping do come together and I would have loved to travel out of the country. I do wish I can go back to Australia though. It has been more than 10 years since I had my first trip out of the country.

5. Another week in Boracay. I can't help it. It is always a fun experience while I am in Boracay. The last time was even more fun because it was the first time the entire family went to Boracay. I would definitely need some pampering in Boracay. But maybe it is high time to visit other parts of the country as well. I did hear Puerto Gallera is also a nice alternative.

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