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August 30, 2009

Mafia Wars: Cheats and Hacks

I got hooked to this new craze in facebook, the Mafia Wars game. It is more of a role-play game and the objective is to dominate New York City, becoming the topdog Mafia. And just like any other internet-based game, Mafia Wars is not spared from cheats and hacks as well. In fact, there are many forums in the internet discussing and sharing cheats, tips, strategies and hacks on how to find your way to the top of the Mafia Family.

Basically, you can find your way to the top by doing: crime jobs, which is actually the best way to earn experience points and cash; fight, where you can knock out other Mafia players and win cash and experience (but you might lose your health points as well).

Everytime you level up, you replenish your Stamina, Energy and Health points plus you also earn some extra points you can add to your profile. Stamina is required for you to fight longer. Energy is required for you to perform more jobs. Of course, you need your health to survive.

And it is really a survival's game and just like any survival game, you need others to help you survive. It is important therefore to grow your Mafia family. Recruiting is an integral part of the game.

So, maybe you can start by having your own facebook account first and then join the Mafia wars. Just make sure I don't see you in my own turf or you will get knocked out yourself.

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Nick D said...

mafia war cheats are going to be hard to loose cause without those you can't go wrong.

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