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August 27, 2009

Anti-Smoking Campaign

It was almost like a campus tour. We started our Anti-smoking Drive at Our Lady of Lourdes High School, attended by the entire student body from the first year to the fourth year high school students, including their teachers and school principal. It was a fun activity, and the students were very participative, asking relevant questions about smoking and how to quit smoking or avoid being enticed to smoke. The Anti-smoking campaign was originally intended for 3rd year and 4th year students but the school principal wanted to include the 1st year and 2nd year students because of the perception that there are younger students who are learning to smoke. It was really a productive affair, with the teachers and students committing on conducting a school drive against smoking.

This morning, we went to two schools: Quirico G. Manzano Memorial National High School and Caningay Main National High School. Due to limited space, QGMMNHS only catered to the 3rd year and 4th year students. Caningay however was able to gather all of the students from 1st year to 4th year. It was yet another productive event.

When asked, a few of them confessed to be smokers. More than a few raised their hands when asked if they have parents who smoke. Many of them raised their hands when asked if they have friends who smoke.

We started the Antismoking Campaign with a game between the girls and boys, sort of a review of the Parts of the Lungs. Then we started asking them about the possible reasons why some teenagers smoke. Among the most common reason why some teens smoke is so that they would look cool, "astig", "siga", or popular.

We then showed them the picture of the "Smoker's Body" and how smoking can affect literally all parts of the human body.

During the open forum, the students would ask questions about smoking, their ill effects and others. One common question was, "Why do cigarette companies still continue to sell cigarettes even if they already know about the harmful effects?" My answer was simple. People continue to sell cigarettes because there are still people who buy cigarettes.

The anti-smoking campaign is part of our National Lung Month Celebration. Last Week we conducted the Anti-TB Barangay Forum in 3 barangays.

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mas said...

This is a good campaign to undertake. Hopefully the images of a smoker's body will stick in their young minds and discourage them from taking up smoking.

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