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August 13, 2009

48th Town Anniversary of Candoni (and the morning after)

August 12, 2009 marked the 48th Town Anniversary of the Municipality of Candoni. It is my 2nd town anniversary celebration. During the Mass, the entire town was surprised when Mayor Cicero Borromeo made an appearance for the first time in public. The son of the town's Founder, despite his illness, made an effort to come to the celebration of the town's anniversary. He had cerebellar infarct a few months ago and the family and his supporters persevered in prayer. He arrived being pushed on his wheelchair by his nurses and family members. When friends and supporters greeted him, he could not control his tears, and so did those who greeted him. It was an emotional moment for the entire town who came to the Poblacion to celebrate the anniversary.

I was able to greet the Mayor personally just this morning before I attended the South Negros Interlocal Health Zone meeting, hosted by the municipality. I went to the Mayor's Office and saw him seated, still unable to talk due to his tracheostomy device, but very alert and was conversing through writing and gestures. I presented to him our proposal to construct a primary hospital, a dream which Mayor Cicero Borromeo wanted to pursue since the start of his political career. I told him how we are still pursuing the many plans the Mayor initiated and we are not letting him down. He started to cry again and of course, we tried to make him laugh. The Mayor attended the Interlocal Health Zone meeting at the SB Hall, attended by representatives from the other neighboring towns and cities in the CHICKS area. It was historic really. The first act of the Mayor was to attend the Interlocal Health Zone.

It was a simple celebration for this year. No evening shows and parties. There were game exhibitions at the Basketball court and Boxing Ring. It was simple but nonetheless historic and emotional. Congressman Alvarez was the guest of honor and during his speech, he pledged to give the Main Health Center 500,000 pesos as financial aid. During lunch, I was able to personally talk with the Congressman. He asked me about my job and assignment and he asked me questions about the Main health center. His plan was to also put money in the Main Health center so that patients admitted at the birthing facility need not spend for other incidental expenses.

After lunch, I gathered the Night Emergency Clinic staff for an emergency meeting to once and for all settle the many issues surrounding the problems of the staff. It was yet to be one of my most emotional meetings ever conducted.

I didn't want to prolong the meeting because I had to rest for the following day's highlight: our hosting of the South Negros Interlocal Health Zone meeting. It became an almost impromptu meeting because the host was supposed to be Cauayan but since the town was also hosting another event at the Central School Campus (blessing of the newly constructed classrooms, during which the Governor of the Province was the guest of honor), Board Member Adolfo Mangao, Chairman of the SNILHZ, asked if Candoni could also host the SNILHZ meeting as well, and Acting Mayor Jimmy Tiaga accepted. So, we were able to plan for meeting (reception and accommodation) in less than 2 days only! But we were able to pull it through, thanks to the supportive staff and LGU employees. And what luck as well, because Mayor Borromeo was present to attend the said meeting.

During the same meeting, the promise of the SNILHZ to give the 50,000 pesos financial aid to our Main health center was already announced. The check will be released next week and we have already presented to them the proposal on how the 50,000 pesos will be spent. 50% of the money will be spent for the purchasing of equipments and supplies for our Delivery Room. 50% will be spent for Newborn Screening for our indigents.

It is a tiring week indeed. And I thought August will be less tiring than July.

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