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October 29, 2008

Nava Been There

Last Friday, along with my staff, we went to one of five most far-flung villages of Candoni, in Sitio Nava, Brgy. Agboy. It was so far that we had to cross boundaries of Ilog and Kabankalan. Travel time is 2 hours on habal-habal. We have to cross at least 3 rivers as well (as in literally cross them). Just before lunch time, we arrived at the place. After a brief snacks, we gathered the mothers and children already present, started our lecture on clean water and how to do home treatment for diarrhea and dehydration and gave out free Vit. A capsules, immunization and deworming tablets. Meanwhile, I went to a small house where I was told an old woman was bedridden for days due to some illness. She was complaining of weakness of the lower extremities and episodes of losse watery stools. I gave her some medicines which I brought along with me. Later, I went back to the sari-sari store where other families were waiting for the consultation to start.

After lunch time, we went back to Candoni, had a stop over at Marbello, Kabankalan for some cold softdrinks and went back to Candoni. We had to stop over a house when the rain started to pour down heavily. Good thing we already passed the muddy trail and were already running on concrete roads, or else we would be walking a good 5 kilometers with muddy feet.

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