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September 30, 2008

Passing Through Cebu (Onward to Leyte)

I am meeting "Pablo" head on and I don't mind whether they declare it signal no. 5 in Leyte. There is no stopping me now except maybe the end of the world. Typhoon Pablo is ravaging the Easter islands of the Philippines (Samar, Leyte and later the Bicol region). I still cannot understand why the organizers of our 33rd CME chose Leyte as the venue of our CME for the latter half of the year. First of all, Leyte is one of the provinces belonging to the Typhoon belt of the Philippines. Second, the 33rd CME is scheduled in one of the -ber months (September, October , November and December), which are usually the rainy months, if not the stormy months, in the calendar of the Philippines. So, I was no longer surprised when PAGASA declared signal no. 2 over the entire island of Leyte. This small detail must have been overlooked. The 33rd CME has already started today but instead of choosing the via Manila route, I decided to take the via Cebu route. And since the flight to Tacloban is at 6 am, I have to spent another night here in Cebu.

The last time I was in Cebu was last August when my family and I had a pilgrimage in Simala, Sibonga. It was our first trip to Cebu as a family: me, my wife and kids. It was a whirlwind trip, having only spent 2 days in Cebu. It was a tiring trip because we were all time pressured. But it was worth it. It was the first time the kids rode an airplane. My eldest son was ecstatic. My youngest daughter was "dead-ma"; she was sound asleep when we boarded the plane.

For now I am finishing my report for this Friday. Last CME, we reported our situational analysis and community diagnosis. Now, we are to report our annual health plan. Fortunately, some of my plans were already commencing long before they are to be formally reported to the D.O.H. bosses. Some of my batchmates are already in Palo, Leyte. I am praying for a good weather tomorrow.

By the way, exactly one year ago I was also in Cebu, en route to Manila at that time. I was in Cebu to get my PRC I.D. and was en route to Manila to take the interview for the DTTB. Time does really fly fast. In a few months, I will be one year in my job as a DTTB. Question is, what's next after DTTB?

For now, I leave it to destiny. I am enjoying my moment with my family, my opportunities with the people of Candoni and my fellow DTTBs.

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