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September 22, 2008

Back To Reality

The last week as sort of a break off from work. I was in Mambukal resort last Wednesday until Friday attending the Health Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Training Seminar conducted by the CHD-6, with facilitators from HOPE and PEER. It was a very enriching seminar. The participants were from the entire Region of Western Visayas. For the entire Negros Occidental, we were only 6: Dra. Abilla (MHO of Hinoba-an), Dr. Maguad (MHO of Murcia), Dra. PeƱacuba (a classmate and MHO of Don Salvador Benedicto), Dra. Shirley (Bacolod City Health Office and former DTTB), me of course and Ma'm Deanala (DRCO of South Negros). We were taught how disasters are managed and how to avoid the impacts of these disasters. Of course, one can never really be totally prepared for disasters and in fact, I have come to realize that I myself am not fully prepared to handle disasters such as an MCI (mass casualty incidence) in my locality. Nevertheless, one has to be prepared and has to prepare considering the limitations of his or her available resources.

So I slept at Mambukal resort and went home by Friday evening. During the weekends I spent the day visiting my relatives who wanted to "consult" me for their various ailments. After fulfilling my obligation in the family, the rest of Saturday was spent at home, except during dinner when the entire family went out and celebrated my sister's first year at work. Sunday was more of an intimate family day. After the mass, the family went to the nearest mall and bought our groceries. The afternoon was spent with my eldest son during his weekly piano lessons.

The entire week ahead of me is more of my last minute preparations for the upcoming CME in Tacloban, Leyte. I have already finalized my report and hopefully I can be able to come up with a very nice presentation. I am looking forward to meeting my batchmates again but more importantly I am looking forward to meeting former comrades in the college of medicine, mainly Marc J and Leah T, who are now DTTBs like me.

See you everyone in Tacloban!

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Doc Lem said...

Hi Doc Bayen! I'm a fresh graduate, still fresh from the boards. I'll be a DTTB in a few...days? I was wondering if you can give me some advice on how to start it all. For example,how did u initiate the establishment of BnB in several brgys, or how did u get more women to deliver in ur facilities? your story is really inspiring. I hope I can do stuff like yours in my community. My email ad is... I'll wait for ur email. All the best!

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