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August 18, 2008

Making History

Last August 12, 2008, the Municipality of Candoni celebrated its 47th anniversary as a municipality. Of course, the history of the Candonians started more than 50 years ago, back in the early 1920's when their founder Santiago Diego started the exodus to the Tabla Valley and settled in what was to become Candoni. Without government aid, the pioneers of Tabla Valley built 30 kilometers of road from Dancalan, Ilog to Poblacion, Candoni. During the 47th anniversary, these pioneers who were still alive were given due recognition by the Mayor himself, who was the grandson of Santiago "Tagoy" Diego. Present during the occasion were Congressman Genaro Alvarez, Jr, Former Mayors Paul Alvarez (Ilog) and Tabujara (Cauayan), and other officials of Candoni. It was a loaded day for me and the RHU as well. After the ceremonies, we dashed to the RHU and held our first ever Mass Breastfeeding Activity. Around 68 mothers gathered in the Tourism Cottage and breastfed their babies together. We then gave out giveaways to them. It was our way of promoting breastfeeding. After the breastfeeding activity, we then dashed to the newly renovated Infirmary for our soft opening. During the soft opening, Congressman Alvarez pledged to add another half a million pesos as augmentation to our continuous development of our infirmary. After 47 years, Candoni has now an Infirmary.

By the way, during that day, it was my first time to drive the ambulance. After the breastfeeding activity, our Administrative Officer texted me to inform me that they would push through with the soft opening of the Infirmary. So we texted our ambulance driver so that he would bring us to the venue. The infirmary is actually quite far from the present RHU. But when they texted me again that the Mayor was already at the venue waiting, we had no choice. My staff gave me the keys to the ambulance. I drove the ambulance all the way to the Infirmary. I can drive a car. But it was different from the ambulance. Anyway, my staff was thankful that we arrived at the venue safe and sound, just in time for our little soft opening.

After the formalities we went around the Infirmary and I showed our VIPs our rooms. We have one big delivery room and labor room, one 6-bed ward, one emergency room, one dispensary, one laboratory, one Supplies Room, and an office for our Public Health. Of course, there is the nurse's quarters and my personal living space.

Our target is to fully operate by the first week of September. During our staff meeting, I have decided that our grand opening and formal blessing will be on the 18th of September. It was originally scheduled on the 8th, in time for Mama Mary's Birthday but they still need to add a few more things in the infirmary. To give them ample time, I moved the date and am planning to invite guests to see our new community hospital.

Of course, our next move is to have it Philhealth accredited, especially our three major service: TB DOTS, Outpatient Benefit Package and Maternal Care Package (MCP). In fact, on the 28th of August, I am planning to launch our TB DOTS center which is actually part of our Infirmary. During this launching, I have invited Dra. Mabasa, a former teacher and now affiliated in TB LINC to be one of my special guests. Coincidentally, evaluators from Manila will be coming, Dra. Gestosani and Dra. Christine.

A lot of things are going on in Candoni and we are doing our best to catch up with the pace. It is only quite humbling to note that I get to be part of this opportunity, wherein Candonians get to make history for themselves.

(P.S.) I am having trouble sending my pics to For now, I am posting them in my multiply account but will be editing this post once I can already send the pics.

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