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June 15, 2006

First School Day

Rien just had his first school day last June 13, 2006. The following day, I hurriedly took off from the hospital to surprise my son on his second day at school. It wasn't really an encouraging sight. He was still kinda shy and he needed to be pulled up from his seat by his teacher in order to participate in the singing and praying. It wasn't really a big nursery class, around 10 kids were there, 9 were boys. The parents were also there at the back of the room. We were given a week to be with our children but starting next week the teacher will be strict already. It was really like a petting zoo, with us parents watching through the windows waving at our children, joining in the songs and even answering for our kids sometimes. I was busy taking videos of my son during the exercises. I am putting up a link to the videos I took using my cellphone.

Today is Code 15-30, a.k.a. pay-day in PGI lingo. There has been some kind of mixed up in the handing out of the stipends of the PGIs. Earlier, we were told that future stipends will be sent out through ATMs. We did submit the requirements asked of us by the bank. Unfortunately (or fortunately), I failed to submit two I.D's as required (I only submitted one) so this afternoon, I received my stipend as cash from the cashier. The rest of the PGIs were given their ATM slips and were told to go to the bank where they will withdraw their stipends, after finalizing the necessary requirements for an ATM card (such as PIN codes perhaps). So today I am 2500 pesos richer (or roughly 47.16 US dollars).

So I went home, told my son and wife to change clothes because we were having our dinner outside. We went to Lopue's East, the nearest mall in our subdivision, went around the toys' section, bought ourselves cotton candies, played at the arcades downstairs and had dinner at Jollibee.

I asked my wife about what happened at Rien's school today and she told me they were having progress. Rien was already joining in the games and he is starting to get loose. I can't wait for him to finish pre-school.

Tomorrow is another 24-hour duty day. Yesterday, Gerard, Ken, Melvin and I jogged around the USLS tracks. We were supposed to jog again this afternoon but it was drizzling so we had to postpone it. Praying that I shall be benign tomorrow.

Video 1 | Video 2 | Dinner Out

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